Smart Home Automation

SmarT Technologies will custom design & install your control system, and integrate it with all your AV devices, lighting, swimming pool, irrigation, gate, Air conditioning and many more in such a way that you don't need to deal with the hassle of wires, multiple remotes and devices that cause more irritation than pleasure. With our approach to creating a bespoke solution to your requirements, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of the equipment that you have invested in. So why not let SmarT Tecknologies designers, programmers & installation engineers create your perfect environment for you? And if you ever do need to get advice or support, you can be assured that we are only a phone call away.

We have control set up to demonstrate (by appointment) in our Pretoria & Johannesburg demonstration suites. Call us today to book your appointment

What Is Home Automation?

Home Automation is a system of integrated electronic hardware and software that allows you to monitor and control your electronic devices and lighting in:

  • Homes
  • Boardrooms & Conference Venues
  • Schools, Universities & Training Rooms
  • Courts & Prisons
  • Civic Buildings
  • Cathedrals & Churches
  • Sports, Leisure Centres Homes
  • Banking & Finance
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Government Buildings & Sites
  • Health Trusts, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Military Installations
  • Anywhere you need Audio Video or Security Offices

Eg .Blu-rays, DStv decoders, Sound systems, Projectors, LED displays, Micro Phones, laptops, Video Conferencing, Security Systems, Pools, Irrigations, Lighting, Air Conditioning and many more from a central control unit or mobile smart phone or touchscreen . For example, you can switch the lights all off when you leave the house, warming up the house before you get home from work, check your security cameras while on holiday, and even open all of the blinds in the morning …All with the touch of a button or a simple button press on your iPad or touchscreen device in your board room will eg start the presentation, dim the lights, close the blinds and even start a video conference call without leaving your seat

Or Imagine being able to press “Watch movie” on your pre-programmed touch screen remote or smart phone and the following happens: The lights dim, the projector screen drop down from of the ceiling, the projector is turned on and drops down from the ceiling, the AV Receiver is turned on to the correct input, the Blu Ray player is turned on and the movie starts and remote buttons pops up on your iPad or touchscreen device ready to control your Blu-ray either you want pause, fast forward or rewind. All with one push of a button! without leaving your armchair, and when you want to leave, only single touch of a button will switch all the devices off, the projector screen rolls up into the ceiling, the projector is turned off and lift up back into the ceiling and the lights will come on 100% so you can see where you are stepping and after 3 minutes the lights will automatically turn off completely…. how cool is that… the only limitation is your imagination!... for more info contact SmarT Technologies today.

We have control set up to demonstrate (by appointment) in our Pretoria & Johannesburg demonstration suites. Call us today to book your appointment

SmarT Technologies is a proud installer of ELANg! Automation System and Control4 Automation System

ELANg! Automation System

ELANg! automation system Is an award-winning advanced technology system. With the power of Elan g! you can control your Home or office with ease…..

The Elan g! system with SmarT Technologies is a simple way of allowing you to control many areas of your home or Office including:

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • TV & Music
  • Ventilation
  • And much more…

Switching the lights off when you leave the house, warming up the house before you get home from work, checking your security cameras while on holiday, and even opening all of the blinds in the morning ….

All with the touch of a button

Elan g! system with SmarT Technologies can be controlled using a sleek on-wall touch screen , a hand –held remote control, or using the mobile app on a smart phone or tablet device With this simple-to-use app, you can access your Elan g! system at home , out and about or anywhere in the world.

Climate Control

Smart Climate Control can ensure your home is always comfortable and welcoming, without wasting energy.

Always come home to a comfortable house at any time of the day or night. If you stuck in traffic or held up at work, just click on the climate app and delay the air conditioner or heating system to come on at a little bit later

Use your Elan g! system to set your home heating to stay at a constant heat ; switch off when reaching the desired temperature , and turning back on when the temperature changes Choose which rooms have the air conditioner or heating on, as not to waste energy heating empty rooms.

Left the house and forget to switch off the system? Just click on the mobile app on your smartphone to turn it off. Its just that simple!

“When returning from a family holiday, we use the app to turn the heating on, so the house is warm for us when we arrive home”

Lighting Control

SMART-Bus touch pads add a sleek way to control your lighting with a single touch

Set the perfect scene with LIGHTING, CURTAIN AND BLIND CONTROL….

Use your Elan g! system to dim lighting and create the perfect ambience at home. Anything from cinema lighting, to party lights. You can easily save your settings to create the same lighting again and again, with the touch of a button. Schedule the lights to turn on before you get home so that you always arrive back home to a welcoming, well-lit house. You can also control natural light with the automated opening and closing of curtains, blinds and shades. In the mornings, open your blinds and curtains with the touch of a button.

“Now when leaving the house , I don’t need to go room to room turning off all the lights. I just touch one button to switch them all off”

Security Control

Feel secure at home or away with 24/7 SECURITY monitoring……

Elan g! security system constantly monitors your entire house, giving you a peace of mind whether you are at home or away.
Elan g! can integrate with CCTV security gates and alarm systems.

Your sytstem can be programmed to turn the lights on in your home when the alarm is triggered, to deter any potential intruder. The Elan g! system can then send an alert to your mobile phone. You can simply log onto the mobile app and check the cameras to see whats going on Set your home or office lights to switch off when you set your alarm to leave the house or office and to switch on when you arrive home or office and deactivate the alarm Arm alarm in specific zones with the touch of a button; choosing to only arm downstairs when going to bed at night, or arming the whole house or office when you are out Always know your house or office is safe and secure at any time, whether you are at work or on holiday, peace of mind with the touch of a button

Media Control

Enhance your home entertainment with MEDIA control ….

With Elan g! you can easily control all of your entertainment sources including TV, Satellite (DStv), Blu-ray, Apple TV, Music and much more with one remote control or Elan g! app on your smart phone or tablet device.

You can access all your media and moves from any room in the house, with the touch of a button Elan g! can be programmed to create the perfect home cinema setting, automatically dimming the lights and closing the blinds when DVD Player is switched on to play a movie

More options for your MUSIC…

With your Elan g! system, its easy to control multi-room audio. Choose what music to play in each room, with the simple on-screen display, and easily change the volume, in any room, with the touch of a button.
Elan g! easily connects to your music sources including Sonos, Spotify, Deezer and Tunein Radio. Easily create and play all of your favourite music and playlists.
Create the perfect party with your music ; choose to play the same music in every room , keeping the same vibe throughout your party. Choose different music in each room for added variety.

“its so easy to access thousands of songs and play music throughout our home”


Controlling your Elan g! Home control system

The TP7 is a sleek, 7” touchpad that is mounted to your wall, in any room of the house, for quick and simple home control.
The HR200 is a simple-to-use remote control that integrates with your Elan g! system. Use it to easily control all of your entertainment system as well as your heating, lighting and security.

Control your Elan g! System from home, or anywhere in the world, with the use of the app for mobile or tablet devices (available on iOS and Android.)

CONNECTING you to what really matters


Answering the front door from across the house-or across the world-is as easy as answering a call. With Elan g!, communicating with family members or employees is simple and convenient using any ELAN g! touch screen interface or the Elan g! mobile app. You can even link multiple homes or offices; or office and home using Elan g! so you always be able to check on the kids or employees in the other room or office; or Grandma across town.

Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn


The dials and switches used by many irrigation systems can be confusing and difficult to use!

Elan g! puts you in control with a simple, easy-to-read display. Conserve water by setting up personalised schedules, or give landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustment.

Take control of your backyard paradise

Pool / Spa / Jacuzzi

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn on the Jacuzzi from the bedroom as you don your swimsuit? Elan g! also lets you conserve energy with scheduling of pumps, water features and lighting , even controlling automated covers Monitor pool health, receive customized alerts and even control the system from your smart phone.

Control4 Automation System

Smart home control with Control4 System

The warmest "welcome home" is undoubtedly to a smart home that is fully automated by Control4. Control4 is a home automation system and range of products that has been wowing the market for quite some time. And it's not just entertainment that they've got automated just right – it's everything! This particular brand offers a home automation system with services including the likes of automated lighting, home theatre solutions, security and even climate control.

Some might say that a fully automated smart home is about as close to magic as you'll ever come – and we agree! If you've heard about the ultimate convenience before, you've obviously heard about Control4. We strongly recommend Control4 products to our clients, as they offer value for money, product quality and competitive rates, when it comes to home automation products and services.

The Control4 brand is synonymous with an enhanced entertainment experience and those who are looking for an all-in-one solution for controlling their home entertainment, security and overall in-home comfort, will certainly find the system and products from Control4 to be nothing short of exceptional.

Let's take a look at what Control4's home automation range has to offer in terms of home and lifestyle comforts:

Home Entertainment – Movies & Music

Home theatre solutions are just the start to what the Control4 home automation entertainment range has to offer. As a music and movie enthusiast, you can expect to enjoy streaming more music than ever before from native streaming services such as Pandora Internet Radio, Deezer and TIDAL. Enjoy viewing your media collection in stunning HD album and movie art, and enjoy enhanced movie details displayed with rich metadata. The all new grid view makes looking for media quick and easy with an all new feature that allows searching for music and movies by artist, title and genre. Enjoy streaming music without the need for any additional hardware and native support for AirPlay enabled devices.

Home Security – Total Control and Peace of Mind

The latest version of the Control4 home automation operating systems offers an all new security experience designed for complete peace of mind. You can control your entire security system remotely from your iOS or Android device, as well as the in-home control panel. Manage locked doors, view and access every security zone of the home, and even view a history of security events and activities from a single intuitive interface. The great "mockupancy" feature also allows you to enjoy automated lighting, open and close the blinds, and even turn the music or television on and off – so it looks like you're home, even when you're not!

Home Comfort and Convenience – Always Look Forward to Getting Home

Control4 home automation makes it easy to look forward to getting home. You can custom set up your smart home so that everything is handled by the system for you. You'll never have to lift a finger to draw the curtains, turn on your favourite music, switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and even set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature! The future of true home comfort has arrived and Control4 is bringing it right to your door.

With over 700+ new device drivers and over 1100 SDDP partners, Control4 is welcoming you home – to a smart home that makes you feel like you're just where you should be: home!
If you've been shopping around for home automation system with the best services for automated lighting, home theatre solutions, and security and climate control – you've come to the right place!


Working with the leading manufacturers allows us to identify, design and deliver solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Whether we are installing a single projector unit, a command and control centre or fully immersive Video Conferencing solutions, we always adhere to the same strict project management methodology from design and installation right through to commissioning and client handover.

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