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SmarT Tecknologies Design, Supply, Install, Automate & Service the best AUDIO | VISUAL | SECURITY & AUTOMATION Systems in individual Homes.

SmarT Technologies specialize in integrated Home Entertainment, from a simple DStv installation or TV screen mount, distributed audio and/or video systems, Home theatres/Cinemas and Security systems to a fully Automated Home.

SmarT Tecknologies provide the latest technology in
  • Home Theatre Systems
  • LCD, LED & CURVED Screens
  • Projectors
  • Control Systems
  • AV receivers (emplifiers)
  • Distributed audio
  • HD & UHD picture distribution
  • 3D DVD, Blu ray & CD Players
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • brackets for TV screens, projectors & Speakers
  • WiFi access points
  • Cabling
  • Infrastructure (conduit pipe routing – this can be done while building is in progress)

TV & Speaker Wall Mounting Installation

Over the years television set top boxes have become much bigger, much lighter and a lot thinner, long gone are the old CRT screens which were very bulky and heavy. New Technologies like Plasma Screens, LCD Screens and LED TV Screens have taken over and this has in turn made Wall Mounting TV’s extremely popular.

There are some incredible benefits to having your TV or Speakers on the wall, not only does it provide more flexibility in where you place the TV or Speaker; it is also great way of freeing up some precious space. Some popular TV or Speaker Installations we complete are above the fireplace, across the corner of a room, hanging from the ceiling and floating on the Wall with hidden cabling. There are a range of TV Wall Mounts available which perform a variety of functions from fitting your TV flat to the wall to allowing full articulation where the screen can be pulled away from the wall into a variety of viewing positions.

Here at SmarT Tecknologies we don’t believe it’s just hanging a TV on the Wall, we will assist customers in making the best choices for their living situation, ensuring that they have a safe secure practical installation that is fit for their purposes

Multi-room HDTV or UHDTV video distribution installation……All your HDMI devices on every TV!

Access all your HDMI devices anywhere in your home. Watch up to 8 set top boxes eg Blu-ray player, HD DStv decoders, Med8ter, Apple TV, Play station, CCTV DVR and many more on from 4 to 8 TVs, in any combination. Control which device you're watching in every room with IR control or wireless using your smart phone, tablet, touch screen or PC, Watch what you want, where you want. Our devices provides immersive, whole-home multi-room HD & UHD entertainment, letting you and your family watch eight HDMI media devices in any combination on from four to eight HD TVs located up to 60m / 164 ft away from the central hub in Full HD or UHD 1080p quality.

Note: This can also be controlled using third part systems e.g ELANg! System, Control4, Crestron and many more

For more information or consultation about Multi-room HDTV or UHDTV video distribution installation please call us today for free consultation + show room available for you.

Multi-room Audio or Multi-zone Audio System installation

Play different music in different rooms at the same time, or the same music in all rooms, or just a couple simultaneously.

Music played across a multi-room audio system can be from streaming services like Spotify or your own personal music collection whether that be on a network drive, your computer, a CD or even vinyl - with the right setup. A multi room system allows the user to enjoy and control audio and video sources in multiple rooms, including bathrooms, pools, saunas and outdoor areas. A variety of speakers, keypads and remote controls can be chosen in each room. Speakers can be in ceiling, in wall, ‘invisible’ plastered over speakers, wall mounted or floor standing. Keypads can be wall mounted with a choice of fascia and remote controls come in various options. The same source can be played throughout the home or different sources can be selected, for example, the Living Room could be watching a Blu Ray movie whilst the Kitchen is listening to internet radio and the Patio is listening to music from the Music Server.

Multi-room audio systems tend to be wireless and controlled using some sort of app, so aside from ensuring a power supply is nearby and you have your smartphone ready, speakers can be positioned wherever you like in your home. Naturally, you'll need at least one speaker in each room you want to hear music in.

For more information or consultation about Multiroom Audio System please call us today

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation is a system of integrated electronic hardware and software that allows you to control electronic devices in your House, eg .Blu-rays, DStv decoders, Sound systems, Projectors, LED displays, Security Systems, Swimming Pools, Gate, Irrigations, Lighting, Air Conditioning and many more from a central control unit, mobile smart phone, touchscreen or one universal remote control .

For example, you can switch the lights all off when you leave the house without going room to room to turn them off, warming up the house before you get home from work, check your security cameras while on holiday, and even open all of the blinds in the morning …All with the touch of a button.

Imagine being able to press “Watch movie” on your pre-programmed touch screen remote or smart phone and the following happens: The lights dim, the projector screen drop down from of the ceiling, the projector is turned on and drops down from the ceiling, the AV Receiver is turned on to the correct input, the Blu Ray player is turned on and the movie starts and remote buttons pops up on your iPad or touchscreen device ready to control your Blu-ray either you want pause, fast forward or rewind. All with one push of a button! without leaving your armchair, and when you want to leave, only single touch of a button will switch all the devices off and the lights will come on bright again so you can see where you are stepping and after 3 minutes the lights will automatically turn off completely – how cool is that – for more info contact SmarT Technologies today.

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SmarT Technologies is a proud installer of ELANg! Automation System and Control4 Automation System

Home Theatres, Home Cinemas, Hi Fi & Surround Sound

Watching movies is one of life’s great pleasures but going to the cinema is often not such a great night out. So bring the magic of cinema to the comfort of your own home, with knock out HD sound and vision. Many of us dream of a dedicated home cinema and to get started, you don’t need much more than space – loft, basement, spare room or garage, we've done them all. With fantastic, revealing cinema-style surround sound, hi definition projector on a giant screen, nicely styled seating and subtle lighting, you won't find a reason to ever go to your local movie house.


Flat screen TV: Available as Plasma, LCD, LED or ULED, screen sizes can be as large as 152″ and display 3D content. Screens would typically be wall mounted or could be concealed. Please see Flat Screen TV section for further details on concealing.

Projector screen: Projectors can offer huge screen sizes at affordable prices. They can be ceiling mounted, placed on a ‘table top’ or concealed in the ceiling on a motorised drop down mechanism. They can not only display your movies in glorious full HD but can also display other media such as a satellite box, laptop or photos. 3D projectors are also available.


A typical home cinema speaker package is referred to as 5.1 which refers to the five speakers and the one subwoofer. There are AV Receivers available that can decode audio to 7.1, 9.1 and even 11.2 speaker packages. We can provide various speaker solutions such as in wall or in ceiling speakers or speakers can be wall mounted, standmount or large floorstanding speakers in various styles and finishes. Subwoofers can be also be in wall, in ceiling, wall mounted or floor standing.

AV Components:

The speakers and subwoofer are typically powered by an AV Receiver which can also process the video. Components such as a Blu Ray player are then connected to the AV Receiver and housed in a piece of furniture or in a rack in a dedicated cupboard or comms room.

Control: Even if the components are hidden away out of sight, remote controls can be used to control equipment either through radio frequency or infra-red receiver kits. Imagine being able to press “Watch movie” on your pre-programmed touch screen remote and the following happens: The lights dim, the projector screen drop down from of the ceiling, the projector is turned on and drops down from the ceiling, the AV Receiver is turned on to the correct input, the Blu Ray player is turned on and the movie starts. All with one push of a button!

Ceiling Speakers

If you are looking for a more discreet professional sound system installation within your house or business premises look no further than a ceiling speaker installation or in wall loudspeakers throughout your desired rooms. These type of sound systems come in various sizes and with varied wattages but we will advise which audio system would best suit the room or rooms they are been installed into.

Many Homes and commercial sound systems feature ceiling speakers that can be painted to blend in with the decor whether this is in your Home, office or shop so they become part of the room and blend in. For small areas that don’t warrant installing a pair of ceiling speakers for a stereo sound we tend to install a single stereo ceiling speaker, these areas could be an entrance lobby or small office area.

A ceiling speaker installation is an ideal solution as they are less obtrusive and it is also great way of freeing up some precious space than wall mounted cabinet speakers that may deter from the internal decor and not blend in as well as a speaker fitted into the ceiling. In these type of audio installations we will tend to install a high end ceiling speaker such as Bose, Jamo or Niles that will give you precise and high quality music reproduction

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SmarT Technologies offer you a balanced assortment of high quality and professional projectors. We supply and install a wide range of Projectors eg Epson, Optima, Benq etc
We've divided our assortment into different categories, based on the way and intensity of use of the projector. This way, we make it as easy as possible for you to find a beamer that suits your needs and budget. We make use of the following categories:

ClassicIn this category, affordability is key. However, without giving in on functionality and diversity. These projectors are perfectly suited for use both in business environments and at home.

ProfessionalThese projectors are targeted at the professional or educational user: higher resolutions, higher lumens and more connectability options and functionality. Perfect for classrooms or conference rooms.

CinemaIf you go for the ultimate home cinema experience, these projectors are what you need. HD resolutions up until complete 3D entertainment providers. The highest specifications at affordable prices.

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Projector Screens

Our Cinema projection screens are permanent and fixed, manual or electric roll up projection screens made out of components of the highest quality, ensuring you a true cinema experience. It is available up to very large sizes, up to 271". The fixed black frame finished with black velours is easy to mount on your wall and provides a true cinematic screen appearance.

The projection screen material consists of a durable mesh fibre, optimizing gain, brightness and contrast of the projected image. Thanks to the special elastic fibres, it is held in place perfectly and makes sure the projected images is distributed over the total diagonal with professional precision. Next to that, the black velours frame makes it easier to position the projected image on the screen.


- SmarT Tecknologies is the leader in trouble shooting all Audio Visual & security systems

Our Brands

  • We offer a wide range of brands to suit all levels of budget, complexity and styles.
  • All our brands are chosen from industry leading manufacturers and are recognised as being among the best at their price points.
  • We always try to offer the best value components, rather than simply going for the most expensive

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SmarT Tecknologies is a proud installer of the following brands and many more!

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