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SmarT Tecknologies Design, Supply, Install & Service AUDIO | VISUAL | SECURITY & AUTOMATION Systems in:

  • Boardrooms & Conference Venues
  • Schools, Universities & Training Rooms
  • Courts & Prisons
  • Civic Buildings
  • Cathedrals & Churches
  • Sports, Leisure Centres & Homes
  • Banking & Finance
  • Shops, Factories & Warehouses
  • Government Buildings & Sites
  • Health Trusts, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Military Installations
  • Anywhere you need Audio Video or Security

SmarT Tecknologies is now a leading commercial system integrator in South Africa and Zimbabwe specialising in the delivery and maintenance of intelligent AUDIO | VISUAL | SECURITY & AUTOMATION systems solutions and services for both Home Entertainment and Cooperate.

SmarT Tecknologies always survey a site first and discuss your needs, your budget and your desired level of simplicity/complexity before proposing the best solution to fit all of these. We have a variety of commercial and private clients in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

SmarT Tecknologies build systems that are easy to use and allow you to focus on the business at hand without being distracted by the technology challenges.

SmarT Technologies systems are easy to manage because we design, supply & install systems with technically robust and graphically consistent control interfaces that let you manage them wherever you are. Remote monitoring, control capabilities and proactive servicing such as remote diagnostics and reporting, give you centralised access to the status of your Audio / Visual or Security system at the touch of a button.

Boardrooms Solution

Smart Control Technology

Today’s presentation environments utilise multiple types of Audio Visual and environmental technologies e.g. projectors, LED displays, Micro Phones, laptops, Video Conferencing, Lighting and Air Conditioning. Each of these technologies will have their own proprietary method of control meaning running a presentation can be an overly complicated affair. SmarT Technologies can design a smart, intelligent & simple centralised room control system so that a simple button press on your iPad or touchscreen device will eg start the presentation, dim the lights, close the blinds and even start a video conference call.

Video Conferencing

“with polycom solutions, we are able to connect to any device …..and communicate with anyone”

SmarT Tecknologies take the Video Conference experience to a higher level. We design dedicated Video Conferencing rooms that allows participants to feel as though they are all in the same location allowing them to focus on proceedings rather than the technology. From a user perspective it is as easy to use as standard video technology and can be integrated into the wider estate for collaborative use.
Video Conferencing Room Systems can be installed into existing office spaces or meeting rooms. Video Conferencing systems can extend the productivity and benefits of face to face meetings reducing the need to travel. Combining Video Conferencing and integrated control systems provide an easy to use and exceptional virtual meeting experience. Smart technology allows audio, video and lighting management at the touch of a button.

Video Conference Infrastructure

Video Conference Infrastructure enables simultaneous multipoint Video Conferencing. The infrastructure is the unifying hub within the unified communications environment that enables organisations to host and schedule multiple Video Conferences simultaneously across multiple connections. Infrastructure solutions are ideal for large scale Video Conferencing facilities that contain many room conferencing/desktop Video Conferencing systems.

Collaboration and Control Rooms

Collaboration and Control Rooms combine Video Conferencing, content and document sharing. There are a wide variety amount of toolsets available in this area from interactive whiteboards to high definition hazardous area and medical cameras. Taking the latest technology solutions, customising and integrating them to deliver specific functionality for the client. We will work closely with you to identify and establish all of your collaborative needs.

Support Managed Service

With all significant investment, it is essential that we maximise the benefits and capabilities whilst ensuring that the end user experience fulfils all of the business requirements. We therefore recommend a fully managed video service that ensures you get an exceptional video experience every time, whether you’re using boardroom systems, desktop video or operational centres of excellence.

As each installation presents unique site based variables, advice and guidance will be given to encompass local facilities requirements, network availability and configuration, cabling infrastructure, power, lighting, HVAC, acoustics, room layout and collaboration requirements.

Audio Visual Systems

We specialise in providing quality products and tailored solutions to meet your requirements, no matter how large or small, and as such SmarT Tecknologies has become the preferred business partner for many South African and Zimbabwean businesses, authorities and organisations.

Whether you require background music and paging system around your lounges, bars and restaurants, or sound reinforcement and assisted hearing systems in your function rooms, SmarT Tecknologies can provide all the solutions you require. We tailor systems to meet your requirements, building layout and architectural finishes utilising products from across the globe and our huge wealth of experience

Sound System Design

A success of a good public address or sound system is dependant upon the amount of initial thought and design input.

This is why SmarT Tecknologies spend considerable time at the design stage to ensure any system we supply and install will meet your requirements, specification and budget. By employing many years of audio system design knowledge and some of the latest design tools available, our qualified system engineers can ensure any scheme of ours will perform well and hopefully above your expectations.

Public Address

SmarT Tecknologies is now the leading company in South African and Zimbabwe in commercial Audio Visual and Automation Systems from Design, Supply, installation and Services, we know that every client's requirements are unique. With our vast experience of providing public address, background music and Automation systems in all manner of locations, we will assist you to get your requirements exactly right, with affordable high quality products and technical services.

SmarT Tecknologies - your partner for commercial Audio Visual, Security and Automation systems.

From initial advice and system design through to the final installation and ongoing maintenance, your organisation can depend upon SmarT Tecknologies to provide your Audio Visual, Automation and supporting service. Public Address systems installed by SmarT Tecknologies are recognised as highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly. With systems ranging from simple microphone and speaker arrangements to full evacuation systems, there are many ways we can develop solutions to meet a requirement.

SmarT Tecknologies have many years experience in developing commercial Audio Visual, Security and Automation systems to meet specific needs, so if you are unsure on what you want, feel free to call us and we will gladly assist you.

For many years we've worked in many types of businesses, organisations, buildings and venues as the list below states.

  • Offices & Shops
  • Schools & Universities
  • Courts & Prisons
  • Civic Buildings
  • Cathedrals & Churches
  • Sports & Leisure Centres
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail Shops, Factories & Warehouses
  • Government Buildings & Sites
  • Health Trusts, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Military Installations

Can't see your type of organisation? No worries, we've probably provided sound systems for something similar at some stage in the past and we are very adaptable!

Our key market sectors are listed above

Fire and Evacuation

Voice alarm systems provide pre-recorded evacuation messages to evacuate buildings through enhanced public address systems. By adding additional levels of performance and reliability, VA systems provide extra features to ensure the system is ready to operate in the event of an emergency and function as a life safety system. Most public buildings eg Shopping Malls, Shops, Hotels etc in South Africa and Zimbabwe now have VA systems installed to assist in evacuation.

Background Music

Background music systems provide atmosphere and ambience in many commercial and business locations which would otherwise appear quiet and intimidating. Research has shown that the use of music can enhance the customer or client's experience and increase their spend. With our considerable experience of commercial audio systems, we can provide background or foreground music systems to suit all locations and applications.

Digital Signage

Digital signage displays information, advertising and other forms of communication using the medium of electronic display e.g. LED/LCD screens, projection systems including touch screen technology and kiosk units. Easy to use management software allows control over content and scheduling, facilitating the presentation of digital signage throughout a facility or campus. Added value functionality of the software such as power on/off scheduling allows organisations to save time, energy and money

Video Walls

A video wall typically comprises of numerous flat screen displays tiled together to form one large screen. LCD/LED panels and rear projection cubes are the standard forms of visual technology to create the walls. These screens are specifically designed for use in video walls and have ultra narrow bezels to minimize mullion (the gap between the active display areas) giving an almost seamless appearance. Typical applications for video walls include networked operation centres and command & control room applications.


Distributing live and recorded TV is regarded by all industries as a method of highly effective communication. IPTV, is designed to distribute television and video throughout a building over a dedicated or existing local area network (LAN). It leverages the comparatively limitless bandwidth of organisational LANs to deliver much higher quality to many more users. It allows much more stringent access control – not just by channel, but by business unit, department, group, or even individual user.


SmarT Technologies offer you a balanced assortment of high quality and professional projectors. We supply and install a wide range of Projectors eg Epson, Optima, Benq etc.

We've divided our assortment into different categories, based on the way and intensity of use of the projector. This way, we make it as easy as possible for you to find a beamer that suits your needs and budget. We make use of the following categories:


In this category, affordability is key. However, without giving in on functionality and diversity. These projectors are perfectly suited for use both in business environments and at home.


These projectors are targeted at the professional or educational user: higher resolutions, higher lumens and more connectability options and functionality. Perfect for classrooms or conference rooms.


If you go for the ultimate home cinema experience, these projectors are what you need. HD resolutions up until complete 3D entertainment providers. The highest specifications at affordable prices.

Short Throw

Specific Short Throw projectors for professional presentations, seminars, workshops or lectures.

For more information or consultation about Projectors & Projector Screens please call us today

Projector Screens

Our projection screens are permanent and fixed, manual or electric pull down projection screens made out of components of the highest quality, ensuring you a true cinema experience. It is available up to very large sizes, up to 271". The fixed black frame finished with black velours is easy to mount on your wall and provides a true cinematic screen appearance.

The projection screen material consists of a durable mesh fibre, optimizing gain, brightness and contrast of the projected image. Thanks to the special elastic fibres, it is held in place perfectly and makes sure the projected images is distributed over the total diagonal with professional precision. Next to that, the black velours frame makes it easier to position the projected image on the screen.


Working with the leading manufacturers allows us to identify, design and deliver solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Whether we are installing a single projector unit, a command and control centre or fully immersive Video Conferencing solutions, we always adhere to the same strict project management methodology from design and installation right through to commissioning and client handover.

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SmarT Tecknologies is a proud installer of the following brands and many more!

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